Meet Kevin

Kevin is an elite level distance road runner and has been part of the Health in Focus Sponsored Athlete roster since 2013.  His always positive and upbeat outlook on running and life made it easy to sponsor him and help him work towards achieving his goals of being an elite level Canadian Marathoner!

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Name: Kevin Ambrose Coffey
Age: 30
Born: Innisfail, Alberta
Sport: Road Running

How old were you when you began your sport?
21 years old.

What made you first interested in your sport?
I was in need of a lifestyle change. At that age, I was starting to do things that were very hard on my body and it was time to make a change for a healthy, happier life!

What are your goals?
Take these two feet and iron will as far as they will take me!

Who is your coach?
Steve Boyd

Who inspires you? 
I wouldn’t credit one person with inspiring me. I find inspiration in people that have overcome challenges in their lives and have become strong, productive people. This could be an elite athlete or a single parent who has had to push through the tough times.

What has been your highlight so far?
Some would say the 2013 Around the Bay 30k road race I ran in 1:39:24 but I would have to go with the race I ran 3 weeks later, Yonge Street 10k that was run in 30:16.

Your favourite…
Food: Smoothies
Candy: I don’t know if it’s a candy, but I am a huge fan of cupcakes! 
Sport (Besides your own): Baseball
Holiday: Christmas
Movie: The Big Lebowski
Animal: Elephants

Do you have any social media platforms that you care to share so people can follow your journey and support you along the way? 
 I have a blog with some interesting reads about my training, racing, and all things running.  You can find that at

Do you have any words of wisdom or final thoughts? 
There are a lot of ups and downs in competitive athletics.  It’s constantly changing.  The athletes that last the longest with the most focus are those that can manage their checks and balances.  It takes a while (years, in fact) to figure out the correct balance for you, but once you do, don’t change it.  Sometimes having an average year is better than having a superstar season followed by an injured season.  Keep the longer picture in the forefront and appreciate any personal improvements.  It takes hours and hours of training to take mere seconds off the clock. Live the improvements up!

What has this sponsorship provided you or how has it helped you on your journey?
Massage therapy is a great service for any athlete and this sponsorship has allowed me to take advantage of its benefits.  It helps the circulation of blood, which will aid in recovery.  Also massage helps loosen muscles, which helps joint mobility.  These two things are fundamental for recovering from injury and even preventing injuries from occurring.  Come in and see Kurtis if you want to keep the body running smoothly.