Meet Rob

Rob has long since been an elite level local runner and in the fall of 2014 St. Lawrence College Cross Country coach Randy Zabukovec had him join the Vikings squad.  Knowing that he had a Champion in the making he turned to Health in Focus to help keep Rob’s injuries to a minimum and we brought him on as a Sponsored Athlete.


Name: Rob Asselstine
Age: 24
Born: Kingston, ON
Sport: Cross Country Running / Track and Field

How old were you when you began your sport?
14 years old

What made you first interested in your sport?
Initial success coupled with pressure from friends to join the high school cross country team

What are your goals?
To defend my CCAA title and eventually make a national cross country team

Who is your coach?
Steve Boyd

Who inspires you?
Professional distance runners who show that it is always possible to train harder and that there are always things that I can do to improve as an athlete

What has been your highlight so far?
Winning both the OCAA and CCAA cross country titles in 2015

Do you have any other talents or interesting facts about you?
In my spare time, I’m a 5:27 beer miler!

Your favourite…
Food: Pizza
Candy: Chocolate Almonds (does that count?)
Sport (Besides your own): Baseball
Holiday: Thanksgiving

What has this sponsorship provided you or how has it helped you on your journey?
The sponsorship has, along with increased attention to recovery and strength work, helped me to finally solve injury problems that plagued me for years. Being able to receive regular massage therapy treatment has been key to staying healthy and maintaining a high training volume, which has led directly to an increase in performance.