Your Questions Answered

1. What are the educational requirements of a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?
RMTs in Ontario must complete a 2-3 year program with courses focusing on Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, Histology, Massage Treatment, Massage Theory Terminology, Kinesiology, Remedial Exercises, Ethics & Professionalism, Public Health, Nutrition, Clinical Practice.  Upon completion the RMT candidate is eligible to complete the necessary registration exams through the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).  Once successfully completing these registration exams the RMT candidate can apply to become registered as a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO. 

2. How do I know that Massage Therapy is a good treatment option for me?
There are many modalities and options for many types of treatment depending on your condition and goals for treatment. Massage works very well for many individuals to reach their goals and maintain active, healthy lifestyles. That being said at Health in Focus we are most concerned with the client reaching their goals for treatment and if after assessment we feel another modality may better suit you and help you reach your goals faster, we will not hesitate to refer you to someone who we feel would be a better fit.

3. Is Massage Therapy only for people with chronic pain and/or injury?
Massage Therapy is for everyone, literally!  A number of clients come on a regular basis (once or twice a month) just for a “tune-up” so they don’t get injured and to avoid suffering from chronic pain.

4. How is Sports Massage Therapy different from Massage Therapy?
Sports Massage Therapy applies many of the same techniques and modalities as traditional Massage Therapy but in a way that is specific to the athlete’s sport.  With Sports Massage we always take into consideration what the athlete’s sport specific movements are and allow that to guide the focus of the treatment. 

5. What is the cost of massage treatment?
The cost of treatment varies depending on the length of treatment.  Please feel free to check out our Rates and Fees page for further information on cost.

6. Is Massage Therapy covered under my health plan?
Most private health insurance plans provide some level of coverage for Massage Therapy services.  Please contact your insurance provider to find out what your plan covers.

7. Do I need a Doctor’s referral?
No, RMTs are direct access health care providers. Some private insurance plans require a referral for reimbursement of treatment fees but you do not need a referral from your doctor to come in for Massage Therapy treatment. Please make sure you contact your insurance company for their requirements. 

8. What should I expect and/or how should I prepare for my first appointment?
Your first visit will take about 45-60mins.  Generally, 30 min appointments are not ideal for an initial visit since your RMT will need time to perform an initial assessment as well as treatment. You will fill out a health history form which the RMT will go over with you. Your primary complaint and goals for treatment will be discussed and any assessment needed to develop an individualized treatment plan will be performed. The treatment plan will be discussed with you and once all questions have been answered the treatment will begin.

9. How often should I be getting Massage Therapy?
Frequency of treatment is specific to the individual and their particular condition or situation.  During acute injury it may be recommended that you see your RMT once or twice a week for a few weeks.  While other times a once every 4-6 weeks is suggested to maintain good health and well being.  Once we have had a chance to perform an assessment we can provide you with an individualized treatment plan based on your goals!

10. What should I expect after my treatment?
Depending on the techniques used and the condition being treated, there may be some residual soreness/tenderness for the first 24-48 hours post treatment.  This is normal and you should not be alarmed.  

11. I have a sports related injury, what can I do on my own to help recover more quickly?
Within your treatment plan homecare will also be given to help you reach your goals and maintain them once your treatment plan is complete.  Therapeutic and mobility exercises or injury specific exercise programs designed to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance will be provided to help you reach your treatment goals faster and maintain your goals when your treatment plan is complete

12. What are Health in Focus’ business hours?
Our goal is to provide our clients with accessible treatment and are proud to have RMTs available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-8:00pm and on weekends by appointment only. 

13. What is your cancellation policy?
We require 24 hours notice for all cancelled appointments. Please notify us by email or a quick phone call if you have to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Clients will be charged a fee for late cancellations or no shows.

14. Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes, we do sell gift certificates for the Massage Therapy services we provide. These can be purchased in any treatment duration available but we do not however sell gift certificates for a specific dollar amount.

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