Mobility and Stability

Providing some of the best Massage Therapy treatment in the city is only part of our job.  Educating our clients on the importance of both mobility and stability is the key to making sure the results achieved during the Massage Therapy session are long lasting!

Mobility & stability - Health in Focus, Kingston

Mobility is simply the body’s ability to move properly and fully through a range of motion without compensation or pain.

Stability is having a body that is strong and properly supported through a range of movement.

Both mobility and stability are equally important and go hand in hand to make sure our bodies are able to function smoothly without distress or pain.  A balance of the two is key and through movement assessments and proper exercise/drill prescription we can help you create the mobile and stable body you need to maximize your performance in life!  

From athletes to office workers - we all have some level of dysfunction in our movement that is preventing us from performing at our best.  Allowing us to work with you to create your optimal mobility and stability program is helping your body to achieve motion for life!