Sports Massage Therapy: For the Athlete In All of Us!

Sports Massage Therapy takes into consideration the sport specific movements which allows for a treatment based around the individual athlete's needs. Often considered a deeper treatment, it is ideal to help give you that competitive edge.

Sports Massage Therapy can help:

  • Prevent, treat and rehabilitate muscle and tendon injuries
  • Reduce the strain and discomfort of training and chronic strain patterns allowing for a quicker return to maximum training levels
  • Enable an athlete to recover more quickly from myofascial injury with less chance of chronic problems returning
  • Give a psychological boost to the athlete knowing that their injuries are well managed throughout the training process
  • Promote a preventative approach to athletic training whereby soft tissues are free of trigger points and adhesions
  • Improve peak neuromuscular functioning

Sports Massage Therapy is a vital component in any athlete's training program to allow that individual to achieve the highest level of performance possible.

Pre & Post-event Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy during the training phase focuses on the prevention of developing chronic injuries and aids in the healing process of current ones.

Pre-event Massage stimulates circulation, calms nervous tension, and prepares the athlete for optimal performance while reducing the chances of injury.

Post-event Massage helps in recover from hard training and competition.

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