Meet Alex

Alex first walked through the Health in Focus doors to have an Achilles injury treated at the beginning of the fall 2014 season.  He battled through that and had a breakthrough performance at the OUA Cross Country Championships finishing 5th overall.  Working with him that season and seeing his heart and determination made it easy to ask him to join the HIF Sponsored Athlete roster.

Connect with Alex on Twitter: (@wilkie_william)
Snapchat/Instagram: (@awilkie23)


Name: Alex Wilkie
Age: 22
Born: Almonte, Ontario
Sport: Cross-Country/Distance Track

How old were you when you began your sport?
I was 9 years old when I first ran track and field in elementary school.

What made you first interested in your sport?
My mom was obsessed with track and field. She shared her photos and memories of competing in high school with me.

What are your goals?
Represent Canada on the international stage, and be remembered for always racing with heart.

Who is your coach?
Steve Boyd and Brant Stachel

Who inspires you?
My parents. They work so hard to provide for my brother and I. Even though I am at school an hour and half from home, I miss them so much every day.

What has been your highlight so far?
Getting to travel to places I have never been before for competition, like Boston and Newfoundland!

Your favourite…
Food: Nachos – beef and beans, salsa, cheese… and of course avocado!!
Candy: Chocolate-covered pretzels
Sport (Besides your own): Football
Holiday: Christmas
Movie: I really enjoyed “The Revenant” and I think Leo deserved his Oscar… also “Inside Out” made me cry so hard!
Animal: Labrador Retriever!

Do you have any words of wisdom or final thoughts?
Ever since I began running, my mom has always said to me “Do your best and it will be enough.” We used to laugh about it, but this little quote has grown into something much more significant. No matter what your goals may be, If you do your absolute best – to train every day, take care of your body, and have fun doing it, all of your personal targets will be met with ease.

What has this sponsorship provided you or how has it helped you on your journey?
I consider this sponsorship to be a massive part of my journey towards becoming an elite distance runner. I don’t have to worry about small, niggling injuries developing into serious ones while I train, and I always feel fresh for my big workouts and races. Not only do I get the physiological benefits, but the psychological confidence boost as well!

Finally, on a student athlete budget, there is limited room for anything extra, let alone sports massage therapy. I consider this service a luxury I would normally be unable to afford!