Meet Julie-Anne

Julie-Anne came on board as a Health in Focus Sponsored Athlete in May of 2014 after a strong 2nd year of running at Queen’s University seeing her take home the CIS Cross Country Championship and represent Canada in Uganda for the first time (but not her last)!  Sensing that she was ready to take her career to the next level her assistant coach Brant Stachel, introduced her to us and from there it was an easy decision to add her to the HIF team!

Connect with Julie-Anne on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: @jastaehli


Name: Julie-Anne Staehli
Age: 22
Born: Goderich, Ontario (Canada’s prettiest town)
Sport: Cross Country and Distance Track

How old were you when you began your sport?
Since as far back as I remember.

What made you first interested in your sport?
I was involved in just about every sport growing up, but running was always the part I was good at…. (the competitive nature in me may also play a role!)

What are your goals?
I plan to push myself to become the best athlete I can, and hopefully transfer these skills to all other aspects of my life.

Who is your coach?
The team is made up of Steve Boyd (head coach), Brant Stachel (assistant coach), and Darcelle McCutcheon (hurdle coach).

Who inspires you?
I definitely look to Gary and Maureen Lisle, my high school coaches, who got me hooked and have taught me far more in life than just running. They truly share my passion for the sport, and are with me in every step of my journey. To this day, they still coach me through new challenges and continue cheering me on throughout all my endeavors.

What has been your highlight so far?
Each season and championship makes for unforgettable experiences. Qualifying to represent Canada at the 2014 FISU World University Cross-Country Championships in Uganda, 2014 NACAC Track Championships in BC, and the 2016 Pan Am Cross Country Cup in Venezuela have all been moments that I will never forget. However, the highlights are always the personal bests. Any race where I can improve my time is a pretty incredible feeling.

Do you have any other talents or interesting facts about you?
I love the piano, and have been playing since elementary school.

Your favourite…
Food: Popcorn
Candy: Haribo Goldbears  
Sport (Besides your own): Snowboarding
Holiday: Easter
Movie: The Italian Job
Animal: Pandas

Do you have any words of wisdom or final thoughts?
As the Lisles’ have always told me, Enjoy The Journey.

What has this sponsorship provided you or how has it helped you on your journey?
Being sponsored by Kurtis Marlow has been one of the biggest contributions to my running career. The weekly pre-race or post-run treatments are a huge factor in helping prep and recover my body for the long run. Furthermore, Kurtis has been a huge support in my life both in and outside of the sport, and I cannot thank him enough for the time and energy he has put into me. To a top-notch therapist and friend, THANK YOU forever. (#supplecheetah)